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I'm a digital marketing strategist, educator, entrepreneur and content marketing expert. What I love most is teaching entrepreneurs and small businesses how to build their influence and scale their brand by leveraging the power of social media and creating a life they love!

Nice to meet you,
I'm Kirstie!

My teaching approach experience comes from experience. In only a short period of time I've grown my audience to over 50k+ on Instagram and over 10k+ on Facebook and Twitter. 

Building an online community has endless benefits, when you do it right. Expanding my digital reach has allowed me the opportunity to work with hundreds of brands including Amazon, Disney + Nissan USA, has positioned me as an expert in my industry, has given me numerous publications and features (like Huffpost), and has successfully grown my brand into a multiple six figure business. 

It wasn't always this way though, all sunshine + roses, and suffice it to say, my story wasn't without sacrifice. In fact, not too long ago I had completely hit rock bottom. My life was in complete and utter disarray.

Maple Photography Co.


Life is too short to be doing something you hate and living someone else's dream.

Maple Photography Co.

Just a few years ago I was working a 9-5 office job, feeling exhausted, overworked and completely uninspired. I thought I had landed my dream job, but like so many of us, that "dream" turned into a ladder-climbing nightmare. 

I needed a change, but I knew in order for that to happen, I would need to take the next step on my own and change myself.

That is when I found the courage to quit my comfortable, steady-paying office job and dive head first into being a full-time content creator. Little did I know that it would be my one-way ticket out of the mundane ladder-climbing corporate world, to being my own boss, building my empire and helping others do the very same thing.

Full disclosure, this didn't just happen overnight. Some things worked and some things definitely did not work. I messed up, fell down a few times, but I got back up, persevered and kept going.  After a lot of hard work I began to attract the attention of brands and clients.

Whether it was waking up and getting an email from Nissan USA asking if they could pay to fly me down to Napa Valley and help with the launch of their new Eco Leaf car, to being head-hunted by Amazon directly to help them establish and grow their new social media platform (which ended up turning into a 2 year gig), to being paid to go on influencer retreats.

Click here for a recap of one of my all-time favorite retreats, when Disney flew both me and my photographer friend to their Moana Hawaiian Hotel for a 4 day-luxury health and wellness retreat to help promote their spa and health and wellness offerings, because a Disney hotel is not normally the first place you'd think of. Pretty cool, right?!

After working and collaborating with hundreds of brands,  I now teach all my tips and tricks to my students, to help them build their influence and grow their brand all by leveraging the power of social media. As you can see by my story, you don't need to have millions of followers to pursue what you want to do. You just need to start and take action, even if it's baby steps at first. 

So what lights me up?

Helping people realize their gifts is pretty spectacular, that their talent can transform other people‚Äôs lives and that they can build a pretty amazing life in the process (from anywhere in the world, even in  pjs.)

This all happened because i took ownership of my life. I pursued my dreams and refused to settle for anything less.


We live in a digital era where building a business has never been more accessible and opportunity is literally everywhere. No one should settle for anything other than doing work that lights them up and earning an amazing income because of it.


a: Entrepreneaur
b. Girl Boss
c. Motivational Speaker
d. Professional napper
e. Other 

4. If you could meet one person dead or alive, it would be:

6. On my days off, the first thing i do is:

9. I am deathly afraid of:

10. My boyfriend can be described as:

8. Someday i want to:

7. My go-to outfit is:

3. Most likely to binge watch:

write a book

take the pups to the park

+ super hilarious

ridiculously good looking





5. My drink of choice is:


a: jeans and a tee
b. A dress & heels
c. Yoga pants and a tank
d. Anything from Aritzia

a: Heights
b. Spiders
c. Public Speaking
d. Flying

a: Dirty Martini
b. Old Fashioned
c. Kir Royale
d. Stella

a: Game of Thrones
b. The Bachelor
c. Pretty Little Liars
d. Stranger Things

Meghan Markle

all of the above

2. The best title i have is:


1. If you could eat one food for the rest of your life it would be:

Cosmo Girl-Style!

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